Gauguine is a boutique winery located in Davis, California, co-founded by Jessica Vaitiare Chin Foo, a Polynesian native.  Gauguine is a wine brand that speaks to the elegance of diverse women, marrying high quality winemaking with art. A tribute to Paul Gauguin's journey in French Polynesia and his passion for women and art. A Gauguine is the Tahitian muse portrayed in painting of this French post-impressionist
artist, Paul Gauguin. Like this muse, let this wine inspire you.


Here at Gauguine, we strive to work with clones and grapes that carry the natural characteristics of each varietal.


Our estate grapes are harvested, vinified, and raised in California in an effort to maintain only the highest standard of winemaking . The grape’s quality is undoubtedly the main characteristic of Gauguine wines, as well as their enticing aroma. 


Gauguin felt liberated in Tahiti, free of any artistic or social corset. His work in Polynesia has inspired many artists in portraying the beauty of native women. 


Experience romance and sensory enhancement with of a glass of Gauguine wine. Whether you’re dining at home or in your own private bungalow on the shores of French Polynesia, our wines give you their undivided attention.